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I don’t know about you, but I love browsing I’m on Amazon when I need something, when I want to find gifts for people, or just to browse some interesting items they sell. I’ve purchased practical items, such as a yoga mat, to more unique items, like an essential oils diffuser. Anything I need, this is the first place I look at.

One interesting aspect of Amazon that I have recently discovered, called Interesting Finds, has hooked me into an “black hole.” Once I go to this tab, I find myself shopping and shopping for the most unnecessary but “necessary” items. There’s also a tab under this program called “My Mix” where it takes your favorited finds and recommends products to you. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorites from “My Mix.” I will personally be purchasing some of these items (they are too cute to pass up) and some I thought were just too interesting to not share with you. So here goes!

Note: you can look at the products in further detail by clicking on each photo.

These super cute bath bombs!These are the Oliver Rocket 6 Organic Scents Bath Bomb Set, and I got to say, these are super cute. These bath bombs have 5 stars with over 900 customer reviews. After reading a few, I really want to purchase these and try them out myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have a bathtub, only a shower stall. I mean, I could try to use a bath bomb in the shower, but that would be extremely difficult. These bath bombs are handmade and the list of “scents” sounds so relaxing and wonderful. Since I can’t use these myself, I’m definitely going to give this as a gift for a friend (and then ask them afterwards how they liked it)! Meanwhile, here is a very helpful review that I found:

“These things smell heavenly. The scent isn’t overpowering like a lot of the lush products, but it’s there, and it stays on your skin long after you’ve showered and gone on with your day. Plus, my skin was so smooth it glowed with the light of a thousand LED lamps. It was beautiful. Where there was normally dead skin, my skin evened out. One thing I found with lush was that a lot of their bombs actually dried my skin out and made me itchy. These did not. I appreciate that.”AW010

An iPhone Pocket Cam

The iPhone Camera Lens and Smartphone Lens Kit by Pocket Lens looks super sleek and is a product I have looked into previously. I have always wanted an iPhone pocket cam of some sort to put on my phone so that I can take more aesthetic Instagram photos. I’m not the best at remembering to take photos, but I hope that this can encourage me to take more. The pictures that this pocket cam captures (displayed on the Amazon buying page) look really nice and detailed. Additionally, this product looks sturdy and easy to use and install!

“I have used my Pocketlens for almost a month now & truly love it. As a fan of photography & nature, I really love the macro lens. It has allowed me to get some really amazing photos. It’s small & compact, and comes with a nifty little bag to store it in so it doesn’t get dusty or scratched.” -A E Bloodworth

A place to finally put my kitchen utensils

This Now Designs Utensil Crock looks so cute and simple! I feel very drawn to it and I think it will look super cute in my kitchen. As of now, my utensils are living in a metal canister that I bought from IKEA. It’s useful, but not the most aesthetically pleasing canister. I have found my solution with this canister and I know that I will buy it ASAP!

“Read all the reviews on this one. I think they are pretty accurate. I read a TON of reviews on a ton of difference utensil holders because for some reason my choice in utensil holder was of utmost importance to me! lol! It’s super cute in person though. I’m happy with my purchase!” –Julie S.

A super cute kitty lamp!
This GoLine Cat LED Baby Kids Night Light is super cute and as a cat-lover, I need this on my desk ASAP. Although this is marketed towards being an accessory in a baby/children’s room, I have no shame in putting this in my own. They have two other “cat face” options which are also super cute. Once, this was one of the gift options for a game of “White Elephant.” I managed to snag it, but someone took it away from me. Ever since then, I’ve been on the lookout to get my own.

“To cute!!!!! This is such a good buy. I bought it for my 9yo and she loves it. She sleeps with it every night. It is soft to the touch (silicone like). It is very bright when the multi-color mode is on but it doesn’t bother her because she loves it.” –Amazon Customer


Disclaimer: The photos listed in this post are affiliated through the Amazon Associates program. If you do not agree with affiliate codes, do not click on the affiliated links. All opinions are my own. Some Amazon user reviews have been edited or shortened to fit the blog post.


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My name is Deanna and I am a 20 year-old college student in Seattle, WA. As much as I love school and dedicating my life to my pre-health studies, I also love all things beauty and lifestyle. I love them so much that I wanted to share my favorites with all of you! I am always on the lookout for top quality items and hacks while staying on a college budget. If you try any of the products or hacks that I mention, please let me know! Additionally, I’m using this platform to share myself with you and to take a look into my life. College and becoming an adult is stressful but I’m prepared to keep learning and growing. I’m so excited to interact with all of you and share our favorites with one another.

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  1. I would love a proper camera to put on my phone, my phone camera is so bad! And especially for times when I really want a nice, non blurry photo-like when I am taking one with my friends, boyfriend or for my blog, that sort of thing would be handy!

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