5 Amazing Beauty Uses for Baking Soda

People have been using and relishing in the amazing affects of baking soda for centuries. This simple and highly accessible product has been used for baking, toothpaste, cleaning products, and more. But did you know baking soda has amazing beauty benefits? It’s a cheap and easy method to help improve your beauty life one step at a time! Through research, I have pin-pointed my five favorite beauty uses for baking soda. Let me know if you have tried any yourself!

1. As an Acne Spot Treatment


source: http://www.eyeflorida.com

We’ve all experienced an acne flair-up here or there, sometimes even before very important events. Usually, I would turn to my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, but that’s not always an option for those who do not own the product. Well, look no further because you can use baking soda to spot treat those pesky pimples. Just mix together some baking soda and water to create a paste (you can also add honey), pick up the product with a toothpick, and spot treat your pimples! I’ve tried this method out myself and it well exceeded my expectations. Note: this method works best with surface acne.


2. As Dry Shampoo


source: http://www.wikihow.com

It’s no doubt that we have all experienced oily or flat hair in our lives. Lots of people turn to dry shampoo to alleviate themselves of their oily/flat hair when we don’t have time for a proper shower and care. Most dry shampoo’s come in an aerosol can and can cost upwards of $7.00 per can which overtime, can cause a good dent in your budget. Luckily, baking soda can act as your dry shampoo! Just sprinkle some into your hair and comb it out – it does an amazing job at absorbing oils. If you want a scent, you can add essential oils. If you prefer aerosol can dry shampoo’s, this is my favorite one! Note: brunettes may have to add cocoa powder to avoid a gray cast from the white baking soda.


3. As a Makeup Brush Cleanser


source: http://www.everydayminerals.com

If you’re a makeup user, you probably use brushes or sponges to apply the products to your face. Unfortunately, these tools get dirty fast due to their constant use and can clog the pores on our face leading to breakouts. This is why it’s extremely important to wash our brushes as much as possible. Personally, I like to spot clean after every use and deep clean every one or two weeks (depending how much I have used them). It’s simple, clean brushes = clean skin. Now, you don’t have to break the bank on those expensive makeup brush cleansers! Simply add a couple tablespoons of baking soda to warm water, swirl your brushes in the mixture, and let sit for 20 minutes. I save so much money with this method, truly. If you want another makeup brush cleanser option, try this!


4. As Self Tanner Remover


source: http://www.airtan.com

Self tanners can often turn out streaky if not applied right. Most of us just suck it up and deal with our streaky complexion until it wears away. Now, there is an easy method to get rid of these streaks without breaking the bank. Just mix some baking soda with lemon juice and apply to the streaky areas and… voila!


5. To  Help Relieve Razor Burns


source: http://www.rd.com

As an avid shaver, I have experienced razor burn a handful of times in my life. Usually, I would just wait out the burn because I didn’t know there was a method to relieve it. I have tried Aloe Vera gel in the past, but it was goopy and I felt as if I were throwing away my money. Now, there’s a cheaper method! Just mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water, apply to the razor burn area, and leave for five minutes. When the five minutes have elapsed, just rinse off with cold water and watch your burn fade away!





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My name is Deanna and I am a 20 year-old college student in Seattle, WA. As much as I love school and dedicating my life to my pre-health studies, I also love all things beauty and lifestyle. I love them so much that I wanted to share my favorites with all of you! I am always on the lookout for top quality items and hacks while staying on a college budget. If you try any of the products or hacks that I mention, please let me know! Additionally, I’m using this platform to share myself with you and to take a look into my life. College and becoming an adult is stressful but I’m prepared to keep learning and growing. I’m so excited to interact with all of you and share our favorites with one another.

One thought on “5 Amazing Beauty Uses for Baking Soda

  1. I may have accidentally sprinkled baking soda over my pudding the other day instead of icing sugar…..Hey I was at my boyfriends house and everything looked the same! Good to know there are some uses for it-maybe just not the way we are it haha


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