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If you’re a foodie like myself, you’ve had ramen at least a handful of times in your life. Ramen, in particular, has always been a food staple of mine – I’ve been eating it since I was a kid! Starting in high school, I heard some buzz of a new ramen restaurant opening in the Seattle area: Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya. As someone who had never been to an authentic ramen restaurant before, I was excited. The location that I frequently go to is the Thornton Place location. Also, I am starting a new series, called “Foodie Views,” where I review restaurants like this one! Let me know if there are any restaurants or foods you would like me to try 🙂

Lets start with the appetizers!

The appetizers that I have tried from Kizuki Ramen have been extremely delicious.


The Onigiri, a “traditional Japanese rice ball,” was soft and full of flavor. The Potato Croquette, my personal favorite, is advertised as a “deep-fried vegetable croquette drizzled with tonkotsu sauce.” You have to try this appetizer – soooo good!


I am a very big potato lover. I’m not kidding you when I say that I love all things potato like mashed potatoes, fries (all the fries), and potato salad. I can’t get enough. Turn it into the Potato Croquette, and I am sold!


Lastly, I recommend trying the Takoyaki Octopus Dumplings which are described as: “octopus dumplings with aonori sauce, okonomi sauce, mayo, and bonito flakes.” I know that octopus might sound intimidating, but you have to trust me on this one. The dumplings are warm, soft, and melt right in your mouth.

Onto the ramen!

I have tried all of the ramen flavors at Kizuki Ramen and I have narrowed it down to my top three!


My first recommendation is the Shoyu Ramen, “flavored with slightly sweet soy sauce from Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan.” When I can’t figure out what to order, I always turn to this ramen flavor. You get a big slab of pork, yummy bamboo shoots, and a sweet broth. If you are scared to try other flavors, you should try this one!


If you are more of a chicken fan, my next ramen recommendation is the Chicken Rich Ramen, an “all-chicken hearty broth with no pork, topped with chicken chasu.” The title of this ramen includes the word “rich,” which is 100% accurate. The broth is so rich and warm, it feels soothing as it goes down your throat.


Want something spicier? Try the Spicy Ramen, a “rich pork broth flavored with a housemade blend of chilies, garlic, and spices.” I am not the biggest fan of spicy, but I do love getting this flavor every once in a while. Personally, it’s not too spicy where you feel like your throat is on fire, but spicy enough that it brings out the other flavors in the broth (if that makes sense). Kizuki Ramen doesn’t have any other spicy broths (unless you add your own spice), so you know that this broth has been created to wow you!


Don’t live in Seattle? Don’t worry, because you can also find Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya in Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia! Fore more specific locations, click here.

In Seattle eating ramen and want to find some other things to do, find out here!


Have you tried Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya? If so, let me know!





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Disclaimer: all photos used in this blog post are from under their “menu” page. All opinions are my own.


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