My Shower Drain NEVER Clogs – Here’s Why!


I have an amazing product to share with you all. It’s my tried and true and if it ever breaks (which I doubt it will), I would repurchase it again and again and again. I present to you: the TubShroom!

When the only people that lived in my apartment complex were my cousin and I, the shower drain never clogged. I have pretty long hair, but my hair never clogged the drain because every time my hair came out and onto my fingers, I would stick it to the wall and throw it in the garbage when my shower was done. Yes, I am one of those people. But, this method seemed to work (and it was completely free)!

As Winter ’16 came around, another roommate moved in (we will call her “Grace” for story purposes.) When Grace moved in, I was completely indifferent about her. I had met her previously, but had never ran into an issue with her. As weeks went by living with her, I realized she was one of the messiest people I have ever met. She would leave her dishes lying around, clothes all over our room, and the bathroom a complete mess.

A month went by and I began to notice that each time I took a shower, I would shower in a little puddle. Obviously, this has never happened before so all I could think was: “what the hell?!” So I pulled off the drain cover and underneath was the grossest thing ever: big, wet, and thick clogged up hair. Gross!

So me, being a good roommate, decided to clean out the shower drain and put all the hair in the garbage. So gross but so worth not having to shower in a puddle of my own filth. Two weeks passed, and I was showering in a puddle again. Damn, this girl sheds a lot.

My cousin began noticing it too and I told him it 100% was not me (you know, because I stick my hair onto the wall lol). As time went on, the shower was completely clogged even though I would clean off the hair stuck to the drain cover. So my cousin and I went to Target and bought us some Drano (a gel-like de-clogging product). We poured the Drano down the shower drain and even though it worked, it smelled like chemicals exploded in our bathroom. Since our apartment is small, the whole apartment started smelling like it too!

After using Drano for the first time, we decided that the first time was the last time. I started to Google search, “hair always clogging shower drain,” and I found an article that mentioned the TubShroom. I ended up finding the TubShroom on Amazon and this thing has almost 5 stars! I read review after review and so many people loved this thing. I figured, for $12.00 (approximately) it’s worth a try.

I ordered the white colored TubShroom (to go with the “aesthetic” of my bathroom). When it came, I took it out of the package and thought: “this little rubber thing is gonna help my shower drain?” Needless to say, I was skeptical. I reluctantly put it into my shower and the waiting game began… Two weeks later… NO PUDDLE! YAY! I was thrilled. Showering without a puddle forming at my feet is something I will no longer take for granted.

I noticed the TubShroom beginning to fill up after about 1.5 months of three people showering in the same tub. When I took it out, it was gross. So much hair collected! So I cleaned it out with a paper towel and used a Q-tip to get into the little holes. Placed it back into the tub, and the water flowed through seamlessly! That’s when you know the hair didn’t get into the main drain pipe 🙂

It is about seven months since I purchased the TubShroom and honestly, it might be one of the best things I have ever bought. My old roommate moved out, and a new one moved in and she sheds just as much. I can tell it’s her hair in the TubShroom and not mine because her hair is purple (haha!). Anyways, to this day, the TubShroom is still working it’s magic powers and I no longer have to deal with stinky chemical de-cloggers.

If I had to give a downside to the TubShroom, it’s that it’s pretty gross to clean. I was having trouble cleaning out the hair when it was wet because it stuck to the product (the hair wraps around the inner cylindrical part) and it just felt gross to touch (even through a paper towel). I tried leaving the TubShroom out for the hair to dry, thinking that it would make the cleaning process easier. Nope, I was wrong. The hair took forever to dry! It’s easier to just bear with the gooey feeling and clean it when it’s wet. Another thing is the make sure that you clean the holes with a Q-tip. If you don’t the holes will clog up too and the water won’t flow through as easily. This might seem small, but it’s important! Lastly, if you have colored hair, it might stain your TubShroom. Mine is now a tinge of purple thanks to my roommate’s purple hair.

Overall, I give the TubShroom a solid 4.5/5. I didn’t know such a small product could work so well and save me so much money. Also, shoutout to the article that mentioned the TubShroom and convinced me to purchase it (I don’t remember the article or source of the article 😦

If you are having issues with a clogging drain, make sure you check out the TubShroom here! If you already have the TubShroom, let me know what you think of it or if you have a story like mine that inspired you to purchase it.






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