My Ultimate Fall Bucket List

We’re halfway through August which means it’s almost the start of Fall! It’s crazy how fast this year has passed. It will be the new year soon, but no need to think and stress about that now.

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons, competing with Spring. The weather gets a little cooler, the leaves begin to change color, all my friends are back together (because of school), and I get to bust out my cute fall outfits and rain boots.

Not only that, there are so many fun activities to do in the fall time. I cannot tell you how excited I get when I start to see pumpkins showing up at the supermarkets. I literally squeal and immediately go onto Pinterest to look up some Fall DIY’s.

Each year, as a new season rolls around, I create a bucket list. It’s fun to think of activities I can do with my friends and family to enjoy the season at it’s fullest. Hopefully this list can inspire you to create your own Fall bucket list… or, you can just use mine! You can pin the checklist below to save this bucket list for your own personal use.

ultimate fall bucket list.jpg

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch
  2. Make homemade apple cider
  3. Buy a new fall scarf
  4. Carve/decorate pumpkins
  5. Go to a haunted house or corn maze
  6. Hay ride!
  7. Visit a petting zoo/farm
  8. Drink a PSL (pumpkin spice latte)
  9. Attend a football game
  10. Tailgate at a football game
  11. DIY your own perfect Halloween costume
  12. Go to a Halloween party
  13. Snuggle by the fire
  14. Have a scary movie marathon… or try to watch at least one scary movie
  15. Go apple picking
  16. Go on a fall hike
  17. Handwrite “I am thankful for you because…” letters for family and friends
  18. Go horseback riding
  19. Eat all the Thanksgiving turkey (okay, maybe not all of it)
  20. Have a fall themed photo shoot
  21. DIY your own scarecrow
  22. Bake ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls
  23. Visit your state fair
  24. Buy some new fall candles
  25. Re-load your stockpile of Halloween candy
  26. Get some new fuzzy socks
  27. Make caramel apples
  28. Bake a pie (pumpkin, pecan, apple…so many possibilities!)
  29. Visit the farmers market
  30. Score the best deals on Black Friday
  31. Roast pumpkin seeds
  32. Make a big pile of leaves and jump in it
  33. Read a new book
  34. Go geocaching
  35. Make popcorn balls
  36. Create a new fall scrapbook
  37. DIY a fall wreath
  38. Create an “I am thankful for…” list
  39. Make a new thanksgiving food
  40. Buy a bouquet of flowers (with fall colors!)

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List full list

For more Fall-spiration, you can follow my Pinterest here!

What is a must have on your fall bucket list? Also, what is your favorite thing about fall? Let me know!

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