My Zodiac Sign: Is It a Good Fit?

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about something that I has always interested me: zodiac signs. It’s fascinating to me how people can match so many things solely based on the day someone was born. Now, I don’t know if I 100% agree with the accuracy of zodiac signs but I do think mine is a good fit.

Overview of the Sign

gemini-zodiacsign-ink.jpgI was born on June 16 – right in the midst of Gemini season. Gemini’s are identified as “the twins” and is the third zodiac sign. The twin theory represents how Gemini’s have two different sides. This can be beneficial because Gemini’s can see and understand both sides of a situation or it could be an issue when the wrong “twin” comes out. Not only that, Gemini can be indecisive because of this twin personality and can find it difficult to make decisions.

Gemini’s are known to be chatty people, intellectually inclined, and the opposite of boring. According to, Gemini’s are an air element and are controlled by the planet Mercury. Mercury influences Gemini’s to be witty and quick-minded whereas the air sign leaves Gemini lovable and intellectual.

Do I think that I am a Gemini?

It’s hard to say, but I do think most aspects of a Gemini are reflected in my own personality. Since I was a kid, my cousins and I always talked about our zodiac signs. Out of the four of us, three are Gemini’s! My older cousin commonly used our zodiac sign as a reason for why we do certain things.

Like the overview said, Gemini’s are known as the “twins” that have two different sides. In regards to myself, I 100% agree. Many people would say that having two different sides to their personality is a negative, but I think it gives me a more unique view on life. I am a very practical person. When situations arise, I like to think of both sides and all the possible outcomes that could happen. Sometimes, though, this comes back to bite me in the butt because I overthink. I have learned to not overthink as much, and it has helped tremendously.

3Gemini-InfoGraphic.jpgAdditionally, like the Gemini overview stated, I am very invested into my relationships. Each relationship that I have and treasure, I put 110% effort into. I’d rather have a few very close friends than a bunch of friends who are not always there for me. With each, I put my heart and soul into developing my relationships with others. When the relationships end, though, it leaves me in a bigger heartbreak than most. Because I am so invested into my relationships, it is hard to let go and accept the fact that it is over.

Overall, I think that my zodiac sign is a good fit and is accurate! I enjoy being a Gemini and I think my favorite part about astrology is reading all of those tumblr-like posts about astrology and what each sign would do in certain situations.

What’s your zodiac sign? Do you think it is accurate?

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