Birkenstock vs. Teva… Which is Better? | Shoe Showdown

BirkenstockNine times out of ten, I will always choose comfort over fashion. I have wide feet and a tendon issue in the arch of my feet, so choosing the right shoe is super important. About two years ago, I bought my first pair of Birkenstock sandals. I saved up for months for these shoes (I was on a no-job, high school budget) because everyone at my school kept raving about how comfortable these shoes are. A part of me was hesitant to purchase these shoes because many people thought they looked “ugly.”

Personally, I didn’t think these shoes were that ugly. In fact, I thought they were kind of cute. So when I finally got the money, I took my butt straight to Nordstrom’s and purchased the shoes.

Fast forward to May of this last year, I was eyeing a pair of Teva’s for months. My cousin went to study abroad in China and bought a pair of Teva’s for his trip. When he returned, he couldn’t stop raving about the shoes. Automatically, I wanted to check out the website and buy myself a pair.

When I told my friends I had ordered a pair of Teva’s, they all said that they were jealous and had always wanted a pair for themselves! This made me even more excited to receive the shoes in the mail and try them out for myself.

Now that I have truly tried and tested both shoes, I wanted to compare the two! Both are known for their practicality and comfortability. So, here’s my breakdown:

What I bought:

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 5.18.07 PMBirkenstock: For my pair of Birkenstock, I bought the “Arizona Soft Footbed” style in the color “Taupe.” With this style, there are eight different colored bands to choose from but the color of the footbed stays the same. I decided to choose the “Taupe” color because it seemed the most neutral to me and I didn’t want to draw any additional attention to my “Jesus sandals.” Yes, I did care about things like that back in high school haha.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 5.19.02 PM.pngTeva: I bought my Teva’s from their collaboration with singer, Jhené Aiko. These were the  “Original Universal Jhené Aiko II” in the color “Cloud Pink.” When I saw the style and color of these shoes, I fell in love! The shoes were girly, but still a natural color and would suit many different skin tones.

The Price:

Both of these shoes are a higher quality sandal and therefore, more expensive. The Birkenstock that I purchased were $135.00 USD and the Teva’s were $75.00 USD (all before tax and shipping/handling, if applicable).

The Quality:

img_2245.jpgBirkenstock: My pair of Birkenstock are extremely well made. I have had these shoes consistently for two years, and no part of the shoe has broken. The buckles are secure and the band leather is sturdy. The cork footbed, on the other hand, has turned completely black due to how much I have used the shoes. I have heard that you can get the cork replaced for free, but do not know of anyone personally that has done this. These are sturdy shoes and you can count on them not to breakdown. Quality Rating: 9/10.

img_2243.jpgTeva: I have only had my Teva shoes for about five months and they are showing some signs of wear. The sides of the shoes are lifting from the base and there are a bunch of loose strings coming out of the straps. Usually, when I see any of these loose strings, I just rip them out. Luckily for me, this doesn’t affect the straps and how they wear. The velcro on the shoes have not worn out in any way and overall, the shoes have held up pretty nicely considering how much I have worn them. Although, it has only been five months of wear. Quality Rating: 8/10.

The Wear:

Birkenstock: When I first started wearing my Birkenstock, my feet hurt like hell. The cork kept rubbing on the inside of my foot cause my feet to turn red and irritable. Sometimes, it hurt so bad that I just had to take them off. But, I suffered through the pain because many people had told me that you need to break them in and then they feel like heaven! And sure enough, wearing the shoes enough broke them in, they formed to the shape of my feet, and overall, they felt wonderful. I wore them all the time – both barefoot and with fuzzy socks (when the weather got colder). I also loved these shoes because they were so easy to slip on and off. It literally took 0.5 seconds to put these shoes on! When the cork started to really wear down, it started to hurt my feet again just like when I first bought the shoes. Additionally, these shoes are a bit heavy for my feet. I find myself dragging them on the ground when I walk. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t lift my feet high enough in general when I walk, or that the shoes are a little too heavy for my feet. I have strayed away from wearing them for a little bit for these reasons and am still debating on whether or not I should buy another pair.

Teva: From the very beginning, my Teva shoes felt like heaven on my feet. I didn’t need to wear them in at all. Additionally, over time, the shoes formed to my feet which made them even more comfortable than they already were. Currently, I wear these shoes every time I go out despite when I have to wear tennis shoes. These shoes have yet to let me down. The straps make my feet feel secure and it doesn’t feel like I have sandals on.

Right now, I prefer my Teva shoes over my Birkenstock. My Teva shoes are significantly more comfortable and were less expensive than my Birkenstock.

Do you own any of these shoes? If so, which ones do you prefer? Let me know!

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