A Day at the Fair

A Day at the Fair.pngIt is officially the time of year where the fall fairs pop up! If you’re from Washington state, you know that the fall fair to go to is the Washington State Fair, formally known as the Puyallup Fair.

I absolutely love the fair. I love seeing all the local animals (and their cute little names), playing carnival games that I can never win, and riding on rides that are way overpriced but worth going on because the fair “only happens once-a-year.”

This year, I went to the fair with my friend, Crystal, as a small celebration before she goes on vacation. I captured a few moments from my day at the fair and wanted to share them with you all!

Version 2When we arrived at the fair, we went to see the animals first – my favorite part.

What I love most about seeing the animals at the fair is that they are local animals that live happily on a farm. They aren’t part of the cruel meat or dairy industry and when the fair is over, they go back to their homes.

This Tibetan Yak is super cute! She looks very happy and healthy and her owners say she has a very sassy personality, hence why her name is “Sassy!”

My favorite part about visiting Sassy was reading her description – she really is a queen. Also, look at that selfie!


IMG_2270Next, we visited these beautiful baby goats. In the photo, the goats look much bigger than they actually are. They are, in actuality, very small and very cute! These two in particular are only 2 weeks old.

They were just chillin’ and sitting with their mother in the cage. One of them, not pictured, was even feeding on the mom! I have never seen that with my own eyes before, so it was quite exciting to me.

IMG_2271There were also exotic animals like a zebra and a zedonk (a zebra and donkey mix)! The only times I have gotten to see zebras is at the zoo from a far distance. It was really cool to see a zebra up close and a zebra that has been farm raised. Also, I learned that zebra’s can be quite aggressive animals if they are bothered.

This zebra, Jewel, was not aggressive. In fact, she was very sweet! Her owner was in the cage with her grooming her, petting her, and educating little kids about zebras!

I didn’t get to take a picture of the zedonk (there were too many people surrounding the pen), but it was sooo cool to look at. I didn’t even know that zedonk’s existed! They look like a donkey on the top with zebra printed legs. Not to mention, they are so cute!

img_2272.jpgI am also a very big bunny person. When I was little, my family owned a bunny which I named “Bun-Bun.” My grandmother also had several bunnies and my cousins just got one as well!

Bunnies are so adorable and cuddly. I follow several bunny Instagram pages, and I would recommend you do too. They make you fall absolutely in love with bunnies!

Here are my favorite bunny pages: @bunnymama, @bunnynamedbentley, and @heytheobunny.

IMG_2273I also got to see an African Watusi named Whitney. I have never seen or heard of an African Watusi, so this was interesting to see and observe.

An African Watusi is a breed of American cattle that derives from a breed of cattle, called the Ankole group of Sanga, located in central Africa. They are known for their large and thick horns.

Additionally, Whitney’s owner told me that this breed of cattle acts like a dog with their owners. They love to be petted and form an emotional attachment to their owners. I found this video about African Watusi cattle very interesting!

Here are a couple of other cute animals I was able to capture!


The last thing that we did was go on a couple of rides and play some carnival games. I ended up winning a mini stuffed animal cow!

I had so much fun at the fair and I hope that I can go again next year, the year after, and the year after that! I make so many fun memories each time I go and it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and unwind for a day.

Do you go to the fair? What’s your favorite thing to do while you’re there? Let me know!





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